No amount of maple syrup makes this pill easy to swallow.

This week Bill C7 seems pretty likely to be on its way to becoming law in Canada. It would amend a previous bill to make it easier for people with only a mental illness diagnosis to be included along with those “intolerably suffering who’s natural death is foreseeable.” The opposition formed a “Disability Filibuster” which was zoom-bombed by ableist Nazi imagery and pornographic imaging. …

Why “Special Needs Student” is not the preferred lexicon

I was asked by a friend to share a memo I had drafted awhile for several presidential campaigns about why a majority of the disability community finds the term “special needs” offensive. I want to be very deliberate in giving credit to all the folks who have helped inform this brief resource guide, including Meriah Hudson Nichols, Lawrence Carter-Long, Jamie Davis-Smith, Alice Wong, Vilissa Thompson and others.

There is a whole campaign by disabled people, typically organized under the hashtag #SayTheWord (…/02/25/468073…/disabled-just-saytheword). It crosses diagnosis, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender…

I’m only going to say this once.

There’s a reason you don’t see Dwarf/Little People parents (meaning, parents with dwarfism of kids with dwarfism) sharing videos of their kids sobbing and traumatized from being bullied. And it’s NOT that it doesn’t happen.

We know the truth……

It won’t change a damn thing..and will likely make it worse.

If abled-gaze informed ideas of “awareness” really worked, given all the damn attention the dwarfism community gets, don’t you think by NOW the averages would have changed their behavior?

We have whole networks dedicated to reality shows. We have Emmy/Golden Globe winners. We…

I get it. You love Tyrion Lannister. He’s amazing. He’s complex. He’s just like you. Only he’s not. Because you’re average height and he’s not. Sitting on the Amtrak at 5:00am I found myself wondering what the future holds for Peter Dinklage.You meme him. You quote him. You buy swag with him on it. You even dress up as him for Halloween (I’ve seen at least two of you). But now that Winter has come for the series, I have to wonder will his career be more than a blip. …

In 2003. At a little people convention in Boston, I was drugged.

I had recently gotten some disturbing news about a friend of mine, and with another dear friend walked to the bar and proceeded in doing two tequila shots. After the shots, I had to go to the restroom. Upon entering the stall I collapsed. I remember little else until waking up the next morning on the floor of my mom’s hotel room. The details of that evening or sketchy, but, I know my friend went and asked another friend to help come and get me out of the…

I wrote a piece awhile back talking about the connection between Trauma and Disability as it relates to mass shootings. With the goings-ons of the last few weeks and the confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh, I feel the need to revisit.

“The ADA defines a person with a disability as a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activity. This includes people who have a record of such an impairment, even if they do not currently have a disability.”

The ADA National Network (a network of centers who provide training and…

We know this list is FAR from inclusive, so who are we missing? Feel free to tag them in the comments.

  1. @SinsInvalid the originators of the framework of Disability Justice
  2. @VilissaThompson — founder of @RampYourVoice and creator of the Black Disability Syllabus
  3. @Sblahov Disability vote organizer for @NCILAdvocacy and leader in #chronichealth spaces
  4. @behearddc — the AMAZING organization that advocates for Deaf and Disabled folx behind bars.
  5. #CriptheVote and its founders @SFdirewolf @AndrewPulrang and @GreggBeratan — they engage in dialogues on subjects so tough that that put the salons of the Renaissance to shame
  6. @Keah_Maria — an amazing journalist writer…

I want to start off this column by saying I hate the title I’ve given it. I hate the average height public’s obsession with Little People (LP or LPs) and the “Little/Big” dichotomy. (It honestly makes you all seem even weirder than I thought you were before TLC became “The Little Channel.”) I blame reality television for the continued exploitation of my community. But I want this piece to be read by all of you therefore I chose a title that’s like catnip for the nondisabled public. Congratulations!! You have fallen into my trap.

Suicide is a huge issue within…

Source: New York Daily News

Every time there is a mass shooting or an act of horrific violence the disability community holds its breath. Nondisabled folks tend to forget us as a “people” unless we can be scapegoated. We wait, terrified to spin the wheel of criminalized disability, Autism, PTSD, Bipolar, Depression-which will it be this week?

I’ve been pleased to see multiple statements come out of the disability community about the acts of terror from Charlottesville this weekend. I remember only 2–3 years ago being met by the unbearable silence after events, or statements worded so narrowly that they were beyond sparse.

But even…

Rebecca Cokley

Rebecca Cokley is a three time Presidential appointee, writer, pundit, and activist who doesn’t believe anyone should wait over 30 years for their civil rights.

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